Providing Cash Infusions to Small and Large Businesses

Reasons to Choose a Cash Advance Rather Than Traditional Lending

No Upfront Fees or Costs to Apply

Unlike banks loans, our cash advances have no closing costs or upfront fees. You’ll receive funding within days, not weeks. There is no set payment, it has no personal guarantee and it is not based on personal credit history. These are just some of the many benefits of a merchant cash advance.

No Personal Guarantees or Collateral Required

A merchant cash advance is a safe approach to accessing cash. Whereas commercial loans can affect a business credit rating, a merchant cash advance is a sales transaction and therefore stays off the credit report. Merchants who take a cash advance also avoid the risk of losing collateral, a common issue in commercial loan default situations.

High Approval Rates

Merchant cash advances rely on real business performance rather than credit to evaluate applicants. This pragmatic approach allows any stable business to qualify for an advance. Advance amounts typically depend on the business average monthly revenue in the previous year.

We help business owners get the funds they need.

Find Out How Much You Qualify For.No Obligations, No Contracts.

We provide merchant advances from $5,000 up to $500,000. Complete the form below to find out how much YOUR business qualifies for. No Obligations, No Contracts.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Bar Owner
George AndersonBar Owner

“Just a quick note to say acknowledgments to the reps at QLender, your staff helped me with my funding needs. As a business owner in a tough economy, it was becoming impossible to get the funding I needed. Your staff was understanding, knowledgeable, and effective. QLender helped me find the funding I needed to grow my business at a price I could afford. Thank you so much!”

Salon Owner Merchant Cash Advance
Jia NguyenHair Salon Owner

“The merchant cash advance I got from QLender definitely helped me save my business. After my bank cut my business credit line, I figured I had no place to turn. QLender was able to provide me with a cash advance that allowed me to make payroll and stay off of C.O.D. with my suppliers. I even get paid faster which helped my day to day cash flow issues. Thank you QLender — I can’t thank you enough!”

Business Lending for Car Repair Shops
Joe JordonCar Repair Shop Owner

“I fix cars for a living. Trying to wear all of the hats of a car repair shop isn’t easy. In order to keep up with bills from my suppliers and payroll for my techs, it helps to have some extra cash in the bank for when I’m trying to balance it all. QLender has showed me a way to make my business run smoother with a cash advance. If it weren’t for QLender, I would be stressed to the max.”

Steve LambertPlumbing & Heating Business Owner

“We do plumbing and heating work for homeowners and need to float money to cover supplies, payroll for our workers, and other business expenses. Having a cash advance allowed me to hire more staff as we got busier and be able to afford discounts from my suppliers by paying cash instead of credit. With this kind of flexibility, I am able to maximize my company’s profits and focus more on serving our customers. Thank you QLender! Your team is always there when I need them.”